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All the on demand services rolled into one.

Genie is a personal assistant you contact through Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM, the same way you contact a friend. You can request anything you want by chat. Really. If it's legal, we'll make it happen. Craving a Big Mac and some fries, aspirin to get out of bed, or a Helicopter to get out of town? A few chat messages and we're on it. No need to create an account. If you're on Facebook, you're all set; it's all you need to request anything with us.

A few examples of what you can ask Genie to do:

  • Genie, today is my friend's birthday; can you bring her a cake and sing her "happy birthday"?

  • I just bought something from Ikea. Can you deliver it at my home and assemble it?

  • I got dumped tonight. Get me a pound of gummy bears. Just drop them in front of my door and message me when it's here.

  • I have an impromptu business meeting, can you rent a space for 6 people at 2pm?

  • I'd like to buy something on Kijiji. Can you pick it up, pay for it and deliver it at my house tonight?

  • My phone is about to die, can you get me a charged battery pack ASAP?

  • I just got a parking ticket, please take care of it!

  • Can you get me a reservation for two at a nice restaurant? I need to impress my girlfriend tonight.

  • Find me a great personal trainer, I want to get back in shape, starting this afternoon!

  • Here's a list of my 3 favorite books, choose a book I'm likely to love and have it delivered at my home by 8pm.

  • I'd like to hire a great Reggae band for my party tonight, can you take care of it?

  • And much more!

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Genie is here to help wherever you are

While we have a primary zone of business, we work with vendors and services from all over the country. That means there is virtually no limit to our service zone. Stuck in an unfamiliar town for the night and need something asap? Shoot us a message and our team of expert assistants will take care of it for you.      


The fastest checkout experience there is.

Ordering from your favorite restaurant with us can literally take less than 10 seconds. As a returning customer you can ask us to open an account for you. We will securely store your credit card information on file and, while we always confirm the price of anything you request before charging you, you will never have to enter your payment information again with us.


No cash? No problem.

All payments are processed online; that means no panic as you try to calculate the right amount to tip as the delivery person hands you your change. Our Personal Assistants on the ground don't expect a tip from you because we pay them a fair wage. When your task involves a physical delivery, the whole experience is summed up in three words: "Hi! Thanks! Bye!".


A one-stop shop for every product or service.

No need to go through multiple menus, web pages or phone calls to get what you want. Genie does away with those hurdles. It's the one-stop shop for every restaurant, store or service you can think of. Not sure if your request is realistic? Try us. We love challenges. Request anything you want by chat, get back to what you were doing, and let us deal with the logistics behind the curtain.